Major Jackson "Jax" Briggs is a cybernetically-enhanced soldier who is the leader of the Outer World Investigation Agency (O.I.A.), Earthrealm's Special Forces unit. Jax is Sonya Blade's direct superior, and the catalyzing force of Sonya's impulsiveness. Jax is clear-headed, careful and always keeping a watch on what his men are doing. When the need arises, he is a beast on the battlefield with the attitude and ferocity of a lion. He unscrupulously makes use of the most advanced technology to improve both himself and his unit. He is responsible for the crime lord Kano's disfigurement, forcing him to wear a metal plate over a portion of his face.

2D FightersEdit

Jax was eliminated by Joe Higashi in the opening round.

3D FightersEdit

Jax defeated Akuma in round one, and Arthur in the second round. He defeated Bass Armstrong in the third round, but lost to Noob Saibot in round 4