Ken Masters is the training partner, best friend, and rival of Ryu. A natural athlete with a penchant for style, Ken is married to the lovely Eliza, the sister of Guile's wife, Julia.

Ken has taken fledgling fighter Sean Matsuda under his wing, agreeing to train Sean as he was trained by Gouken...In Ken's own way, of course.

2D FightersEdit

In the first round, Ken eliminated Kabal. Round 2 saw Ken defeat fellow Street Fighter, Chun-Li. In the third round, Ken defeated another Street Fighter, M. Bison. Round 4 saw Ken defeat his World Heroes counterpart, Fuuma. In the fifth round, Ken narrowly escaped fellow Street Fighter, Zangief, moving on to the quarter finals.

Round 6 saw Ken defeat Fatal Fury's Joe Higashi, and in the semifinals, Ken foiled Ralf Jones.

It was in the finals that Ken was FINALLY taken down, losing to Terry Bogard.

2-Player DuosEdit

In the opening round, the Shotokan Masters Ryu & Ken defeated Elf & Fighter, before being stomped by Earthworm Jim and Snott in round 2.

3D FightersEdit

Captain Falcon and Ken tied, eliminating both competitors from the tournament.