Mario is Nintendo's mascot character. Along with his brother Luigi the two are known as the Super Mario Bros!

2-Player DuosEdit

In the opening round, the Mario Bros eliminated Team Contra. In the second round they tied with Marco & Tarma, going into a tiebreaker round. There, they overcame both Marco & Tarma AND the Starfox Team. In round 3, they tied with Scorpion & Smoke, heading into another tiebreaker. In that tiebreaker, they overcame not only ScorpiSmoke, but also the Sub-Zero Bros. Finally, in round 4, the Mario Bros were eliminated by Earthworm Jim and Snott

3D FightersEdit

In round one, Mario tied with Shao Kahn, resulting in both characters being eliminated from the tournament. In round 2, the spot that would've been taken up by he winner was given to the alternate for the tournament, Ellis.

Mario was then selected as an Alternate when Baraka and Rayden tied, going on to face his brother Luigi in round 3. However, Luigi proved too strong, and eliminated Mario right away.