Mike "Macho" Haggar is a retired professional wrestling champion, and the current mayor of Metro City. He is the father of Jessica Haggar, the long-time girlfriend of Cody Travers, and friends with Guy. Though they have never met each other, Haggar has a professional rivalry with Russian grappler Zangief, where the two will use each other's attacks in battle.

2-Player DuosEdit

Guy and Haggar eliminated Sora & Riku in the opening round, but were eliminated by the evil Wario Bros in the second round.

3D FightersEdit

The Joker tried to &#@% with The Haggar, moving the Mayor on to round 2. Haggar continued his tear of destruction through the Green Lantern and Jin Kazama in the second and third rounds, before being eliminated by Spider-Man in the fourth.

Goin' GreenEdit

Haggar was eliminated by GIR in the first round