Ralf Jones is one of the Ikari Warriors, along with Clark Still. He also has been known to help the Metal Slug team in their efforts, as well as compete in the annual King of Fighters tournaments with Clark, Leona Heidern and occasionally Whip.

2D FightersEdit

Ralf did exceptionally well in the inaugural Heir to the Throne tournament, beginning with a first-round victory over Guilty Gear's Slayer. He followed up in the second round, eliminating Street Fighter's Gen. In the third round, he soundly defeated May, followed by mecha pilot Jin Saotome in the fourth round. Round 5 saw Ralf defeat his Metal Slug ally, Marco Rossi.

In the quarter finals, Ralf defeated Sakura Kasugano and Haohmaru in a triple-threat match, before being defeated by Ken Masters in the semifinal round.

2-Player DuosEdit

In their first match, the Ikari Warriors (Ralf and Clark Still) tied with Mega Man & Rush, prompting a rematch that also included the Knights of the Round. In the second round, they tied with the Bogard Brothers, Terry Bogard and Andy Bogard, prompting another rematch; this one also included Sonic & Tails, who won that match, eliminating the Ikaris and the Bogards.

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