A member of a top United States Special Forces unit, Sonya Blade is a beautiful, stern, tough-as-nails lieutenant. Her impulsiveness is catalyzed by her superior and good friend, Jax. Sonya represents a very emancipated and headstrong woman, but for all her stubbornness and pride, she deeply cares about the lives of her friends and comrades. She has a long-standing enmity with the thug, Kano, who had murdered a former partner of hers, and stands for everything Sonya despises.

2D FightersEdit

Sonya tied with Millia Rage in her first match, but was then eliminated by Iron Man in a tiebreaker match.

3D FightersEdit

In round 1, Sonya was defeated by Tekken's Kazuya Mishima.

Goin' GreenEdit

Sonya vs CeeLo Green in the opening round and Crappon in the second