Spider-Man in his black costume


When nerdy teenager Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained the strength, agility, speed, and early-warning system of a spider. After equipping himself with a pair of wrist-mounted "Web-shooters," Peter became the Amazing Spider-Man!

2D FightersEdit

Spidey rocked Sabretooth in the first round, and Magneto in the second round of the inaugural HTTT. However, Iori Yagami got the best of the web-head in the third round.

2-Player DuosEdit

Spider-Man & Venom entered in the round 2 tiebreaker match, defeated Fio & Eri and Bub & Bob, before being eliminated by Earthworm Jim and Snott in the third round.

Earth's MightiestEdit

The Friendly Neighborhood Web-slinger defeated Black Widow in the opening round, Spider-Woman in the second round, and The Sentry in the third, but was defeated by Hawkeye in the quarterfinals.

3D FightersEdit

Spidey soundly defeated Hwoarang in the first round and Siegfried in the second round, Earthworm Jim in the third, Mike Haggar in the fourth, Noob Saibot in the fifth, Thor in the semifinals before finally losing to Luigi in the final match of the tournament.