Terry as he appears in Mark of the Wolves and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum


Terry Bogard is the main character in SNK's Fatal Fury series. He is also well-known for appearing in the King of Fighters franchise.

Terry also won the very first Heir to the Throne Tournament, 2D Fighters.

2D FightersEdit

Terry began the inaugural HTTT tournament by defeating Mortal Kombat's Kintaro in the first round, followed by MK's Reptile in round 2. Street Fighter's Blanka was next, followed by Sodom. The fifth round saw Terry eliminate fellow SNK superstar, Iori Yagami. In the quarterfinal round, Terry eliminated Vega, and in the semifinals, Sagat.

In the final match of the tournament, Terry defeated Ken Masters to become the very first Heir to the Throne Champion.

2-Player DuosEdit

Terry & Andy Bogard defeated Bowser & Ganondorf in the first round, and then tied with the their friends, the Ikari Warriors, in the second round. In the round 2 tiebreaker, both teams were eliminated by Sonic & Tails.

3D FightersEdit

In the opening round, Terry defeated Yoshi, but he tied with Captain America in the second round, eliminating both competitors.

The King of KingsEdit

As the first HTTT champion, Terry was invited to the King of Kings tournament. He defeated Green Arrow in the first round, and Sub-Zero in the second round. He defeated Bowser in the third round, before tying with Luigi in the finals.

Terry and Luigi had earned the same number of votes during the King of Kings tournament, so their overall HTTT votes were added up, and Terry was BARELY declared the victor.

In a bonus match, he faced the King of Kings himself, but was unable to overcome the king.