Wolverine samkieth

Art by Sam Kieth

Wolverine is the most recognizable character from Marvel's X-Men. He is a mutant, born with superhuman senses and an incredible healing factor, in addition to six razor-sharp claws made of bone that protrude from between three knuckles on each hand. Enlisted by the Canadian government to be part of the Weapon X program, Wolverine's skeleton and claws were laced with the unbreakable metal known as Adamantium, making Wolverine nigh-invulnerable.

2D FightersEdit

Wolverine defeated Baraka in the opening round of the inaugural Heir to the Throne tournament, but was eliminated by Dan Hibiki in round 2.

Earth's MightiestEdit

Wolvie was eliminated by Steve Rogers in his first match.

3D FightersEdit

In round one, Logan defeated Superman and Ellis in round two, before being defeated by Shao Kahn in the third round.


Wolverine and Tizoc tied, eliminating both competitors.

Children of the AtomEdit

Wolverine was an alternate who entered in the 2nd round, but then tied with Rogue, eliminating them both from the tournament.