World Heavyweight Champions is the twenty-first Heir to the Throne tournament, and it was held on the Psycho Andy Message Boards between August and September of 2012, to determine the best WWE/WCW World Heavyweight Champion to date.


  • M-W-F updates, with four matches per day.
  • Matches posted on Monday and Wednesday will be open for 48 hours before auto-locking, while matches posted on Friday will be open for 72 hours.
  • Vote retraction will be allowed, in case you make a mistake, or want to break a tie at the last minute.
  • In the event of a tie, both competitors are eliminated and replaced with a randomly-chosen Alternate (see below).
    • In the semifinal and final rounds, overall votes will be added up to determine a winner.
    • If there is STILL a tie, a re-match will be held.

Round 1Edit

Round 2Edit

Round 3Edit

Round 4Edit

Final RoundEdit

Bonus RoundEdit

This round saw the winner of this tournament go up against the winner of the WWE Champions tournament

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